The Inquiry-based Science Project (ISP) Tutor (funded by a grant from the Department of Education's Institute of Education Sciences) is a free tutor that will allow students to investigate a research question in a chosen area of science. This project aims to build upon a previously-developed computer tutor, the TED Tutor (funded by grants from IES and NSF), which supports late-elementary and middle school students' learning of experimental design.

The lessons on this website are targeted to middle school students (though late-elementary and high school students may also benefit).

What is the ISP Tutor?

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About the Research

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News & Updates

  • Check out the Science Inquiry Lesson and Lesson Plan developed as a free, online resource for teachers and students to use during this unprecedented time of virtual learning.
  • In the Summer of 2019, our group collaborated with CMU's Entertainment Technology Center to create an abridged version of the ISP Tutor featuring augmented reality.
  • Dr. Stephanie Siler was featured in Remake Learning's #PGHSTEM Spotlight! (Read more on the Remake Learning blog here.)