Our group developed the interactive games and activities below; these games are included within the science units in the ISP Tutor's Background Research module.

These games are most appropriate for the middle school level.

Students can play these games on their own. Or, to promote deeper understanding, teachers can lead class discussions around these games. All games provide feedback to promote learning!

Use on your laptop, tablet, or desktop computer. Mobile devices are not supported at this time.

1. Atoms, Molecules and Reactions...

"Subatomic Particle Game"

Students practice identifying atomic particles (electrons, neutrons, protons), their electric charges, and attractions between particles.

"Build An Element game" High school +

Students add electrons in atoms to make a given element. Students learn how electrons are arranged in energy levels in atoms. This is fundamental to understanding how and why different elements bond to form molecules.

"Elements Memory Game"

Students are asked to identify or match element symbols with the correct element names.

"Match the Molecules Game"

Students are asked to identify or match common names of molecules with their chemical formulas.

"Reaction Classification Game"

Students are asked to classify different types of reactions as physical or chemical.

2. Physical Science...

"Accelerating or Not?"

Understanding acceleration is fundamental to understanding force and motion and Newton's Laws. In this game, students see different motion scenarios and are asked whether the car is accelerating or not.

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3. Plant-related...

"Photosynthesis Matching Activity"

Students are asked to associate key words and their definitions.

Plant Cell Parts

Students can explore different organelles in a plant cell.

4. Nature of Science...

Interested in learning about the difference between a scientist and an engineer?

Check out the Scientist and the Engineer Comic!

(Suitable for all ages.)