-ISP Tutor Science Inquiry Lesson-

Lesson Snapshot: Students will work through a pathway of the ISP Tutor which will allow them to learn about the general format of a research question with the independent and dependent variable, select a specific research question about Crystal Growth, conduct background research about the research question in the Background Research Website, and create a hypothesis about their research question.

The lesson is entirely web-based and formatted as “steps” which can be completed over a period of four to five 40-minute classes. Students are instructed to download a Science Inquiry Worksheet that should be used as they work through each step in the lesson.

This worksheet is accessible on the student home page (link on lesson plan). The answer key is attached to the lesson plan below.

TECHNOLOGY REQUIREMENTS: A laptop or computer is recommended for this online lesson. Chrome is the recommended browser, however the lesson can be accessed using other browsers.

Access the lesson plan below or click here to download it.